Smile Harbour Austin Cosmetic Dental Center   

      Dr. Richard J. Hlista, DDS, MS, FACP

A Unique Dental Office


For the first time in Central Texas, a dental practice is established to provide all the modern aspects of Cosmetic Dentistry.  We are staffed with an in-house Laboratory and a Board Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics.  A Prosthodontists is a dentist that , after his Doctorate in Dental Medicine, goes on to a Residency in Advanced Specialty training in the complexities of major reconstructive dentistry including all cosmetic nuances.  Dr. Richard J. Hlista, DDS, is a Board Certified Specialist that has specialized in Prosthodontics emphasizing cosmetic dentistry since 1978.   He specializes in advanced crown and bridge dentistry.

Our in-house Laboratory can provide unique services, such as fabricating custom Porcelain Veneers in one day, and creating Custom Esthetic Crowns and Bridges and Dentures.

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