Smile Harbour Austin Cosmetic Dental Center   

               Dr. Richard J. Hlista, DDS, MS, FACP


Correcting Crooked Teeth

Key Benefits

Treatment Options

At times teeth can be straightened without orthodontics by using Porcelain Veneers and/or Crown and Bridge.

Option 1
Porcelain Veneers

           Here is a moderate case of crookedness that we corrected with Porcelain Veneers.


           wpe7.jpg (180657 bytes)                          wpe6.jpg (104024 bytes)


Option 2
Crowns and Bridges

            When we are presented with severely crooked teeth and large spaces Crown and Bridge procedures  may more appropriately solve the problem.


Option 3 


               Sometimes Orthodontics is the best treatment, and often this can now be done with state-of-the-art computer assisted invisible aligners without using braces. Click here for Invisalign preview.


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